What if a judge lies?

A judge being convicted of perjury can result in serious consequences, including probation and fines.

What if a judge is biased?

You should contact your attorney immediately to bring the matter back to court for a motion to set aside the order or appeal the rulingdepending on the state’s rules of civil procedure.

What is judicial misconduct?

This includes judges (i) rude, abusive, biased and improper treatment of lawyers, litigants, witnesses, jurors, court staff or others, (ii) receipt ofinformation about a case outside the presence of one party and (iii) abuse of contempt or sanctions.Judges do not have a First Amendment right to use rude, demeaning and condescending speech toward litigants.

What constitutes vindictive prosecution?

Behavior that results from a specific animus or ill will or that occurs when a prosecutor charges a more serious violation in retaliation for theexercise of a legal or constitutional right.

What are common forms of prosecutorial misconduct?

Common forms of prosecutorial misconduct occur in arguments to the court or jury, evidence hearings, opening statements and cross-examination. For example, it is misconduct to comment on a defendant’s failure to testify.